Horacio Godoy y Maricel Giacomini

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Classes and Seminars during the festival
  • Seminar - MELODIES
  • Distinction of the different musical layers, distinction and interpretation. Rhythmic base, Melody, Melodic Bridges and Counteranths.

  • Seminar - FULL SENTENCES
  • Basic concepts in the interpretation of Milonguero style and its music. Big differences with Salon style, interpretation and music.

  • Special Class Milonga

  • Special Class Volcadas
  • We go from social Milongueras volcadas to more modern Volcadas. The power of two bodies feeling and living what no other movement in Tango can give, just what a volcada generates, a unique type of sensation in the dance.


    Fausto Carpino & Stephanie Fesnau

    Fausto and Stephanie, are a dance couple since July 2011.
    After an intense period of preparation, they begin to participate in various tango events as teachers. So far they have taught in more than 30 different countries and 101 cities.
    Their lessons are focused on how to propose oneself to the partner in a comfortable way within the embrace, based on logic and natural movements. They believe that connection, musicality and technique are the keys to fully appreciate the beauty of tango.

    Classes and Seminars during the festival

  • Seminar Combinaciones ritmicas para Vals
  • Special Class Técnica Follower by Stephanie Fesnau

    Selva Mastroti & Marcelo Ramer   

    With a history of more than 20 years, they have worked for companies and festivals without ever having stopped studying to continue enriching their dance. Marcelo and Selva currently live in Torino and dedicate themselves to artistic direction and teaching at the most precise school in the city: 'Proyecto Gricel' at the Asociación Proyecto Gricel ASD, via Bessanese 1D.

    Their classes are full of passion: they love to pass on their knowledge with freshness, spontaneity and simplicity. Starting from the deepest roots of tango, they go through all its facets, from the technical bases to both simple and complex movements, without neglecting musicality and harmony in partner dance.

    They are recognized and demanded internationally for their dedicated way of teaching, which facilitates the student's learning path with a fun and stimulating method.
    Classes and Seminars during the festival
  • Seminar Milonga, Rebotes & Adornos
  • Seminar Sacadas & Entradas
  • Seminar Giros, Enrosque + Tecnica y Estructura del movimiento

    Adriana Herrera & Damián Desmarás

    Canary Islands Tango Festival Organizers.
    For more than 10 years they have been teaching Tango and spreading its spirit all over the Canary Islands. Only 7 years ago Adriana and Damián decided to join their skills and experience to create Tango Sol Islas Canarias venture which meant sharing a deeply cherished project.
    The special way they teach and dance the Tango Argentino enhances the passion they feel when they join together in an 'ABRAZO' (embrace). Their goal is to feed this by continuing to seek technique excellence within the evolving Tango Argentino.
    They have performed in several shows in the Canary Islands such as 'Entre Tangos' and 'Buenos Aires Tango.' In the case of 'Saxo Tour' they travelled around the islands accompanied by live music.
    At the moment they regularly teach at Gran Canaria and Tenerife.