The Canary Islands Tango Festival terms and conditions


  • Two months before the event: 100% refund
  • One month before the event: 50% refund
  • Fifteen days before the event: no refund of the event.

If you wish to cancel, write to us to see if someone else can take your place.

Note! If you registered as a couple and one of you cancels, you will need to find another dancer in the opposite role to join you. If you are unable to find another dancer, both registrations may have to be cancelled.

If the event has to be cancelled for reasons beyond our control, the amount paid in the reservation of the activities will be returned. In no case, the event would assume the extra expenses incurred, such as accommodation or travel ticket of the participant.

Insurance: Even though this festival has contracted an event insurance for general risks during the event you should however also cover yourself with a travel insurance which helps in case of sickness and other emergencies during and before your travel.

Non-harassment clause: Everyone must adopt a respectful behavior, measure his or her alcohol consumption, show no intrusive behavior, no verbal or physical violence. In case of any trouble like harassment, any other disturbance, you are most encouraged to report it to the organization so that we can maintain a safe and peaceful event. Any person perpetrating such misconduct, please be aware that we will respond proportionally and that depending on the gravity of your actions this might lead to an immediate exclusion of the event or lead to further legal steps according to the Spanish law.

GDBR policy: All your collected personal data during registration will exclusively be used to identify and contact you for this or future events. Your e-mail address will be included in our private mailing list for future invitations. It’s subscribers list is undisclosed and archives are strictly private invisible on the Internet. Our list server contains an unsubscribe option which allows you to quit it at any time..bold

Picture: It is important to acknowledge that this event explicitly allows videos and photographs of the participants being taken for social media sharing and tagging. There will be an official event photographer but there can be other participants taking pictures or videos too. If you don’t like these circumstances and proceedings we strongly advise you to not participate.

Some time before the event we will issue by mail a Last minute info which will contain important instructions. Please read it.

We also would like to draw your attention to the fact that you should always respect the work of the helper team by following their logistic indications. Note for Hotmail, Gmail and other free web mailers, check your spambox regularly and/or please take care to whitelist our mail addresses: when you have a tight antispam configuration and wonder why you didn’t get a confirmation. All submissions of registrations are directly confirmed by our auto- responder for your verification.

Please understand that the registration criteria are much more complex than the precise moment of your registration. We need to consider a lot of parameters to get a good mix of people and role balance at the Festival!